Cline, Charles Damon  



2 evaluations

RELS 290

5th Year Senior
General Ed
Nov 2016
Taking this instructor is like being in a Twilight Zone episode. You just can

HUM 320

General Ed
May 2015
I took this class CR/NC and almost wish I hadn't, the class was incredibly easy. Basically you get down to this routine in class: 1) 5 minute quiz every day about daily reading 2) 45 minute lecture about society and media and racism, the sort 3) Watch a 45 minute video 4) Leave 20 minutes early EVERY DAY, it was glorious, but also boring. I read spark notes for everything, did not study for quizzes, studied 30 min for midterm, not at all for final, and got in the B/B+ range in the end. I would highly suggest this class for a C4, it consumes none of your time and has rather enjoyable topics compared to other classes of the same GE credit!