Ahler, Michael  

Chemistry and Biochemistry


4 evaluations

CHEM 131

Required (Major)
Mar 2017

CHEM 350

Jun 2002
Mr. Ahler works in risk management, but he teaches chemical safety. The class was interesting, if a little boring at times. He gives reasonable quizes, although you should watch out for a couple of curve balls. The grading is fine. We had a big quiz final exam. Everything is take home by the way. There was also a project where we chose a lab experiment and identified all of the dangers of the chemicals. The only thing that I didn't like about this, is that not all the chemicals were identified by name. I talked to some chemistry teachers, and they could not identify all of them either. One of the chemical formulas appeared to be inaccurate, as well. I would recommend this class.

Aug 2003
Avoid. Don't take this class. It is boring. He is boring. Don't believe what he says. His tests suck. Have nothing to do with the material. The book... don't buy it. Too expensive and then the lame ass bookstore does not buy it back... oh they offered me 2 dollars. Ahler said as long as we show up for class and turn everything in, everybody gets an A. Fucker gave me a B, because of the stupid ass final...I could not find any information for his final questions. This was my most hated class. All he does is just tell his stupid ass stories instead of giving you the necessary material for his dumb tests.

HIST 510

Required (Support)
Nov 2016
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