Coates, Joseph  

Art and Design


3 evaluations

ART 313

Required (Major)
May 2002
Without a single doubt, Design History with Joe Coates is the worst class I have ever taken. I really wanted to learn about Design History, but I wasn

ART 433

Required (Major)
Jun 2002
Joe didn't teach the class anything about editorial design. There were people whose design he never even saw until the final crit because he always starts on the same side of the room and never gets finished before the end of class. He picks on things that are so miniscule in your design and will never offer constructive criticism or advice. He will keep his mouth shut about your design, but once its done and in the final crit, he'll go off about how you should have bound it, or all the things that are wrong with it.

ASCI 576

Graduate Student
Required (Support)
Nov 2016
This is the first C I have recieved in my entire life. I hope that says something to all of you out there watching their GPA. Do not take him--this class was a nightmare!