Bremer, Walter  

Landscape Architecture


6 evaluations

LA 101

Required (Major)
Dec 2007
I had Bremer just for Recitation for LA 101 and we did nothing. Basically you just sit there and dont say a word and thats it. But its required for you to attend his recitation for LA 101 bc its 15% of the grade and it helps when you are in the border line!

LA 202

Required (Major)
Jul 2007
Walt Bremer is so confusing! He never answered any of our questions. He would always just repeat himself. And he has a hard time recognizing student concerns. He also made us feel inferior.

LA 318

Graduate Student
Aug 2002
Professor Bremer is a very smart, hard-working, and helpful guy. Cal Poly is really lucky to have him; professors of his caliber are what make this school not just another state university. He seems to love what he does, and he puts a lot of energy into his classes and his outside research. I enrolled in his LA 318 GIS course and a similar one offered in another department, so that I could see how they both would be taught and choose the one that I would get more from. After attending only one day of classes, it was obvious that his was the better organized and more comprehensive course. I recommend him highly to anyone who is interested in learning GIS.

LA 405

Required (Major)
Oct 2010
Wow, please don\'t ever take Bremer for lab. It is a COMPLETE waste of time. You will learn how to use iMovie and then for our project we designed informational signs for the Guadalupe Dunes. The only thing we could design was a parking lot. I designed mine in a week. He is so boring and whenever I would ask too many questions he would cut me off. He is good for GIS and that\'s about it. Don\'t take him for 3d either, it\'s bull. PLEEEEEASE take cesar, he is a million times better and knows his shit. Bremer and Beverly Bass are probably the worst professors in this department.

LA 451

Required (Major)
Apr 2002
Good old Mac loving Bremer. He knows something about computers, though I'm not sure how much sometimes. He loves GIS, but it is boring. Just make sure when you are on the computer not to put a space in anything! SPACES_ARE_THE_DEVIL!!!

HIST 878

Required (Support)
Nov 2016
Fuck this guy. Id like to stick my tounge up his ass.