Bolanos, Teresa  

Chemistry and Biochemistry


3 evaluations

PSC 102

Required (Support)
Mar 2001
She is so cool the first week. "oh come to my office hours fo rhelp, blah blah..." Yeah right. She is so uninviting at her office. She is "too busy" at least she acts like it. Class material is average difficulty. It is an easy C course but I heard Chicowski-??? Is better for the class. Bolanos has a major attitude problem and quizes are random and unfairly graded.

CHEM 331

Jun 2001
Obviously whoever did the above review got pissed easily. Dr. Bolanos is one of those prof's who has eight trillion things going on at once - but if you stop her, she is willing to spend as long as it takes to help you. Quant lab is a HORRIBLE thing - too many titrations - but she made it almost bearable (we got to bring in music; whatever we wanted). Yes, she is slightly picky in grading labs, but that's the nature of quant ANALysis. If you realize she has very high standards, you should have no problems with her class.

ARCH 882

General Ed
Nov 2016
This is the first C I have recieved in my entire life. I hope that says something to all of you out there watching their GPA. Do not take him--this class was a nightmare!