Flushman, Tanya  

Liberal Studies


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MCRO 305

General Ed
Nov 2016
What the guy/gal below said. Amen. I too took this class and have long since graduated from Poly, but I was cruising Poly Ratings for a kick and thought that I should pipe in and let you know how much of a joke this prof is.

EDUC 428

Required (Major)
Jun 2016
When I first started Professor Flushman's class I really enjoyed it. I thought her lectures were interesting and she seemed to be really nice. THEN I started getting my graded assignments back and realized how BIASED and UNFAIR she actually was. I would put in so much work into everything I wrote and she would find any way to bring me down. Her grading is absolutely ridiculous, be prepared for harsh criticism of your writing and difficult grading of your grammar. THE ONE THING that really got to me was the last day during the final. Everyone was already nervous enough taking the final, and she was giving back some of our Kid Watching Projects (a huge project for her class). After some students would hand in their tests her reaction was either (plain face:" I'll see you at graduation..") OR ( happy face: WOW you did so great! I am so impressed by how well you did!). Come on Professor Flushman??? Are you kidding me? That's the worst teaching strategy you could ever show the class. Giving some students positive feedback IN FRONT OF EVERYONE and some students silence is absolutely horrid. I don't know how she is even qualified to teach students in the credential program. Good luck to you if you have to deal with her again.

LS 428

Required (Major)
Jul 2016
Dr. Flushman is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but really responsive. It is obvious she cares about her students ability to be be great teachers, and she cares about us as people. If you want to learn how to teach students to read, you MUST take her class. Plus, she is a really sharp dresser.