Deswart, Elisabeth  

Food Science and Nutrition


2 evaluations

FSN 310

Required (Major)
Mar 2016
This class was so easy. too easy. i mean, for a 300 level class it should be a little more challenging... I'm not complaining but this professor practically just handed you an A if you did the assignments and studied minimally for the tests. She is pretty bad at teaching, but this was her first quarter so ill cut her some slack. She goes through these 50 slide long powerpoints in like a half hour so its kinda pointless to even go to class. When asked a question, she got really nervous and usually didn't have an answer. The assignments only require minimal work and you will get full points. Theres a research paper and everyone got a 100% as long as it had citations and a cover page (hahaha, but a waste of time). The midterm (mostly material) was pretty easy but required some studying. The final (mostly pediatrics) was really easy, little studying necessary (just know how to do simple calculations). Elisabeth is a nice lady and wants her students to do well. I feel like she has potential to be better in the future but you can tell she would rather be doing clinical work than teaching.

PEW 757

Required (Support)
Nov 2016
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