Banghart, Androw  



2 evaluations

ENGL 149

Required (Major)
Mar 2016
While Banghart is a new teacher to Cal Poly, he is NOT inexperienced. he has experience at other major universities, and definitely knows what hes doing, and what he's talking about. He's a chill dude who isn't afraid to let loose and have fun in class, but he also expects you to get your shit done. He isn't a ridiculously hard grader but he expects you to put in time and effort into the class, which isn't difficult. the class is broken up into in class writing assignments (not too bad), class attendance, and projects/papers to be done out of class. He made an 8-10pm class not absolutely hell, and I'd definitely recommend him to anyone who needs to take a class hes teaching. 10/10.

GRC 958

Required (Major)
Nov 2016
What else is there to say? Fine person, nothing interesting. Class was meh... Blah, blah, blah... Fine person.