Dumbledore, Albus  



4 evaluations

PHIL 150

General Ed
Jan 2018
Professor Dumbledore really knows his stuff. His flamboyant lectures and outfits kept the class interesting and worth attending. He really likes thick woolen socks if you are looking for that grade bump at the end of the quarter. The only downfall is he seemed to play favorites and did not discipline this one kid on my class with black hair and glasses even though he broke like a dozen school rules or whatever. He often leaves us with unanswered questions like "what tf is a horcrux" and expects us to fill in the blanks. Overall, he was a great philosophy professor who is worth taking.

PHYS 178

General Ed
Nov 2016
he sure does like his women, wet!!

PHIL 230

General Ed
Feb 2016
Professor Dumbledore was one of the better Philosophy professors I have encountered. He's very open to ideas and concepts such as life after death. He really knows how to do things in style and he has a flare when he lectures! During office hours he was definitely helpful in explaining concepts. He also has a strong love for knitting patterns. I think the only thing I didn't like about him (what's not to like though right?) was that he often played favorites with his students. Saw were given extra credit tasks after hours, some were just his every day students. I'll always remember his favorite words, "Every day, every hour, this very minute, perhaps, philosophy attempts to penetrate each student's mind." Overall, Dumbledore is one amazing professor!

PHIL 420

Required (Major)
Feb 2018
lol he dead