Elliott, Andrew  

Computer Science


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PHIL 147

Required (Support)
Nov 2016
Prof cried today.... What a weirdo hahahah get a grip of your life.

CSC 231

Required (Support)
Dec 2015
it was andrew's first quarter teaching, and honestly, i just think that computer science is such a hard subject to teach, so it was difficult grasping the material. after the end of every assignment, however, i felt super accomplished and learned a lot, but the struggle itself sucked. the class itself is very low stress throughout the week, but extremely high stress during class (if you decide to stay). you have an assignment to complete every week (due the next monday) with relatively easy quizzes every class period. the final and midterm were super fair/easy, so as long as you have an understanding of what you're doing, you should be fine! he's also a super nice grader. if you're struggling/don't know what you're doing, i highly highly highly recommend going to his office hours!!! he's super helpful there compared to class haha. super chill guy. would recommend 8/10