Dekhtyar, Aleks  

Computer Science


2 evaluations

CSC 466

Graduate Student
Dec 2015
If you are interested in Data Mining, Machine Learning, or Natural Language Processing. You should take this class. You will learn how important you are passing the gravy at the Thanksgiving table. You will learn the horrors of the Aleks Dekhtyar and the GPS he forces you to keep on you all the time. Who knows what he is doing with that information. Be prepared to stare at data, and gather data. You know those poor homeless people on the streets asking for change? You will be one of them, but instead of change, you ask for data.

WGS 801

General Ed
Nov 2016
Fine teacher, but a little dry in the presentation. I wouldnt suggest having her at 8:00 in the morning, might be difficult staying awake.