Dittmann, Steven  

Electrical Engineering


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EE 295

Required (Major)
Jun 2015
He gave out extra credit that wasn't related to the class, but instead helped us learn some industry work. Cool, right? Except the "extra" credit was actually part of our grade, which was not told to us until the last week of class. Apparently we the students were misunderstood what extra credit means, because only 6 or so students bothered to do it. So, -10% for the majority of the class. Besides that, he didn't really tell us what was going on in the lab -- we just walked in, read the manual, and went with it. We are supposed to confirm our circuits with him before he gives us power, but he frequently checked our circuits only to realize we didn't do it correctly. He'll also respond to questions/emails very vaguely, more often than not failing to answer them sufficiently. The final is basic, but includes a question from the extra credit reading that is, unsurprisingly, not extra credit.

Required (Major)
Nov 2018
Best teacher I had at Cal Poly

IME 967

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Nov 2016
Business majors: A degree for the intellectually impaired, HA HA.