Davis, Katherine  

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering


2 evaluations

IME 314

Required (Support)
Dec 2014
Class wasn't too hard. Most students hardly showed up to class or were barely paying attention. Lecture was very dry. The professor just read every single word from the PowerPoint notes. It looked as if she was hardly ever prepared for class. There was no homework. Midterm wasn't too hard. She allowed people to retake the midterm and final. The retake final/midterm was almost the same as the actual midterm and final. The quizzes were only 2% of your grade. There was one group project that took up a lot of time and involved a lot of data manipulation on an Excel Spreadsheet. It was not too bad but kind of boring. I didn't retain too much information from this class and would have taken a different support course if I could have.

TH 966

Required (Support)
Nov 2016
What else is there to say? Fine person, nothing interesting. Class was meh... Blah, blah, blah... Fine person.