Farrell, Tim  



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ENGL 134

General Ed
Dec 2014
Tim is a ch1ll guy. Everyday, we pulled our desks into a circle and class was very informal. The reading he assigns is minimal and you are okay if you don't do it. He only gave 1 reading quiz the whole quarter. He is is a hard grader on essays, but is very encouraging in class and makes you feel good like you're learning something. I'm sitting on a B when I've gotten A's throughout high school in English class so I'd reconsider taking him if you want an easy A. However, if you're a strong writer, I'd take him!

General Ed
May 2015
Take him!! If you want a good grade, make sure you revise your essays! It's a chill class.

ASTR 917

Graduate Student
Required (Support)
Nov 2016
Taking this instructor is like being in a Twilight Zone episode. You just can