Beecher Jr., Lloyd  



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ANT 161

Required (Support)
Nov 2016
he sure does like his women, wet!!

EDUC 340

Required (Major)
Aug 2001
Beecher plays favorites with regards to his student teachers. Specifically, if you have a nice set of breasts and a tight rearend and flirt with him you gain favor. You'll even be one of his "model" student teachers, heaped upon with praise, solely due to these attributes. Being that as it may, the worst aspect of Beecher is he will not tolerate any dissent, i.e. he is NOT into free exchange of ideas. It's either his way or the highway. And if he gets frustrated that you don't do things his way you are vulnerable to a profanity-laced tirade. All of which you cannot do anything about because once you have begun your student teaching you are afraid that if you cross him by complaining he will recommend your removal from the program. Basically, he's a tyrant to whom history student teachers are at the mercy of. I feel sorry for anyone who must deal with this man. God bless those who must deal with him.

Graduate Student
Required (Major)
Nov 1999
Interested in a Teaching Credential in Social Sciences!!!!!!!!! Than it is imperative that you do the following regardless of what anyone tells you including Beecher. 1) Be a History major. He likes to admit History majors only. 2) Take a class with him and do well. If he recognizes you than he will let you in. 3) Kiss his butt until your neck has a brown ring around it. If he likes you than you are a shoe in to get in to the credential program even if you have not met all the prerequisites. Or Be a D cup and wear skimpy clothing in front of him He thinks he is God.

Graduate Student
Required (Major)
Mar 2002
"Bud" Beecher is a farce. Of all of the ass grabbing, breast fondling macho, sexist idiots I have encountered, he is the worst.What a shame that he is inflicted on teaching candidates for the Social Science credential. He is also an arrogant, opinionated fool who can't tolerate any dissent from his assertions of brilliance. I am surprised that a liberated woman like his department chair isn't wise to him. I hear that he is retiring. I hope that the history department doesn't let him pick a succcessor. I understand that he is a licensed therapist. I expect to read in the papers someday that he has been defrocked (loss of state license) for abusing his clients as he tried to abuse me and several other students. History Department, wise up and make better choices for someonew in this sensitive posituin.