Atwell, Mary  



4 evaluations

ENGL 134

General Ed
Feb 2015
Dr. Atwell didn't really explain what she expected for assignments. I did alright on the essays but was able to pull through with a B+. She gave daily multiple choice readings every class off of the readings (very easy quizzes). Make sure you bring your reading materials to class and do the assignments on time and you will be fine. She gives extra credit for going to the writing center which is really nice and helps out.

ENGL 231

General Ed
Mar 2014
The class was pretty straightforward. Reading should be done, but you'll be fine with spark notes. Group projects are easy, and essays are graded easily. It's a great GE because you learn a lot but not get stressed at the same time.

FR 324

Nov 2016
Fuck this guy. Id like to stick my tounge up his ass.

ENGL 345

Required (Support)
Jul 2014
Dr. Mary Atwell, I believe it was 2nd time teaching her course at Cal Poly SLO. I heard she wrote a book or something anyway. I took her class for the GED requirement and so did almost everyone. We read Thousand Acres, Age of Innocence, Orpheus and Company (poem book), Groom to have been(remake of Age of innocence). Many of the students taken this class just to graduate (alot of reading and quiz every day.) Quiz was fairly easy since most of the stuff can be found on sparknotes. We had 3 GED writing chances. I think she grades fairly, but I just wish she went over the writing style more clearly so that we know how to structure our writings. Major thing to point out is that when writing the GED essay make sure to stay on topic of stuff that she wants and never ever go BROAD or briefly. Luckily for our class she did make-up essay for the one of the essay that we did poorly on, which was great because I did much better. So breakdown is Quiz every day, discussion about the book or the poem that we read ( the whole class gets into a circle and discuss about the stuff we read), 3 GED writing in class, 1 revised essay that is due 1 week after the DEAD WEEK, 1 quick presentation. C+ is pass for the GED. Make sure to visit her office hour, she is very nice and understanding. Alot of work, but fair grader so thats that. Lastly, She is fairly hot.