Barlow, Philip  

Construction Management


4 evaluations

CM 102

Jan 2014
For an intro class, I felt like he did an awesome job showing you what you're getting into as a CM major or minor. He expects you to do reading before class, and he spends class time clarifying any questions you have and really getting into the details, which is nice as opposed to typical power points. He's a really nice, knowledgable guy, with a lot of experience in the industry and really helps you out in office hours as well. Hoping I can get him for the upper division classes he teaches as well.

CM 460

Required (Major)
May 2020
Phil's classes are extremely frustrating. He talks because he likes to hear his own voice. Directions will be repeated to you over, and over, and then AGAIN to ensure that he ALWAYS takes the entire class time. Then they will be sent in an email 5 times. Phil's entire lectures could be summed up and sent in a quick email (once). Unfortunately, this class is a graduation requirement, and he is the only teacher. Half of my section never went to class and got Bs...If I could do it over again, I'd honestly take the lower grade and skip sitting through this.

CM 462

Required (Major)
May 2019
I am personally not a fan of Professor Barlow. He definitely thinks WAY too highly of himself and the classes he directs, specifically senior project. Easy grader, I just don't like his personality.

MU 804

5th Year Senior
Required (Major)
Nov 2016