Birdsall, Derik  



3 evaluations

MATH 118

Required (Support)
Jan 2014
Derik was a great professor. He explained topics in a clear manner and made the topics really easy. He was extremely fair with the grading and always gave you partial credit on quizzes even if you were completely wrong. He drops your lowest quiz score and weighs your best midterm the highest. It also helped that he was young and a grad student, so he sometimes made jokes and he was very easy going. Overall, I recommend him for MATH 118. He is a great professor and really can teach the subject. He's super chill and laid back!

General Ed
Feb 2014
Derik is awesome. Great wit and sarcastic sense of humor that it will make you not dread the class. He's very fair on grading and always willing to help. Take him, you won't regret it.

GEOG 160

Graduate Student
Required (Major)
Nov 2016
Missed the first day, went to the second day. Went to the midterm. Went to the Final. Three days of class total. I got a B, easy. This kind of shit gives our school a bad name.