Duarte, Lisha  

Modern Languages and Literatures


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SPAN 121

Required (Support)
Apr 2013
Duarte is hands-down the best Spanish teacher I've had IN MY LIFE. most of the teachers I ran across in high school were either crazy, opinionated, or way too outspoken. She wants you to succeed and learn the language, so she tries to teach for the students that are willing to learn. For me, her class was easy since I have taken Spanish since middle school, but for some people, not so much. She is very approachable, so if you have trouble understanding a certain topic, do not hesitate to ask her or go to office hours. She is extremely helpful and guides you to better understanding of the language. If you want to learn from a truly great professor, TAKE THIS CLASS!!

FNR 322

Nov 2016
Fine teacher, but a little dry in the presentation. I wouldnt suggest having her at 8:00 in the morning, might be difficult staying awake.