Dettrick, Cheryll  

Natural Resources Management


2 evaluations

REC 342

Required (Major)
Mar 2012
She was the substituted teacher for Kirk Sturm last quarter. No one can fill those shoes, but she did an excellent job overall. Some of the information wasn't completely clear, but she made the class very doable in a heavy unit load. Expect to show up to class and do most of your work there. I rarely used the book. I don't reccomend wasting the money. She gave out examples of tests and projects making her expectations COMPLETELY CLEAR... Sometimes the class was too easy, but you get what you want out of the class. I advice talking to her after classes to get the most from her knowledge. She can also help you with related legal advice. She will take the time to help you out (like Sturm). She isn't Sturm, but she isn't a bad option!

LA 709

Nov 2016
During this entire quarter all I could think about was how this professor reminded me of that small little dog that runs through the back of scene 23 in The Incredibles by Pixar. Seriously, if you look it up you will only be able to see it...