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Jun 2012
Someone should teach this guy proper grooming. His fingernails are definitely much longer than his mom's

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Mar 2012

Required (Support)
Mar 2012
Do not sign for this guy. Whoever's idea it was to let this guy be responsible for instructing a lab is totally wrong. He is the laziest person I've ever met and extremely arrogant. We got two labs back the entire quarter until the last day of class, and he enjoys taking points off of prelabs to no extent. He will take points off if you got the right answer if it is not the same exact way he solved the problem. When you ask him about it, he will pretend to "prove" he is right by writing out some ridiculous math statements on the board. He is absolutely no help during lab.... he has less of an idea as to whats going on than any of the students. Stay very far away from this instructor.....

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Dec 2011
This guy makes work load for a 1 unit class so unreasonable its ridiculous. Be prepared to get lots of red marks on your lab reports because he wants it done "his way". On top of that theres a really hard lab final too adding insult to the injury. And hes usually a jerk about giving points back. I heard from my other friends in the other lab sections (with different professors) that they had it much easier. Bottom line avoid this fat ugly prick like the plague!

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Nov 2016
I learned that if I were to take up hunting, I should shoot deer, not bears, because a bear will hunt me back if I successfully wound it. Fascinating! I didnt know that the key to production and operations management was so brutally simple!