Drew, Zachary  



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ENGL 134

General Ed
Aug 2011
Professor Drew is a nice, really laid back kind of guy. You waste alot of time in class because all you do is write essays and small writing assignments throughout the quarter. Very little of the writing is done in class. He is TERRIBLE with grading though. I don't know if anyone got A's on any essays the whole quarter. The only good part of his grading is that you can revise essays as many times as you want as long as you turn them in before the due date of the final essay. He made me doubt myself as a writer and I actually liked many of the writing prompts.

General Ed
Jan 2012
Prof. Drew is a really nice guy. He's laid back and when you ask him questions one-on-one he helps a lot. Sadly, class goes by really slow, and he the homework reading he assigns is totally unnecessary. And he is a ridiculously tough grader. Be prepared to rewrite your papers a lot!

FSN 954

General Ed
Nov 2016
Prof cried today.... What a weirdo hahahah get a grip of your life.