Anderson, Virginia L.  

Theater and Dance


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VS 224

General Ed
Nov 2016
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TH 227

General Ed
Nov 2010
I absolutely loved Ginny! While there was quite a lot of writing and essays to work on, they were always presented far enough in advance to be completed. There\'s a lot of information to remember but if you study and keep up on the chapter readings and plays you\'ll be fine. She is a great lecturer and presents the material in unique and memorable ways, and she is very available during office hours! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a fun but informative C3!

General Ed
Mar 2012
Ginny is simply an awesome professor! I came into the class not knowing what to expect in an intro to theater class, since I'm more of a math/science guy, and was kind of nervous to see what the course would be about. However, Ginny's electrifying personality and willingness to present material in an interesting way quickly paved out the nervousness. By the end of the quarter, that class became my favorite. It is literally impossible to fall asleep in that class, as the professor's method of teaching involves more than lectures, except for the occasional film and powerpoint. In summation, for a general ed, I would greatly recommend taking Intro to Theater History with Dr. Virginia Anderson