Boone, Allen  



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MATH 117

General Ed
Mar 2010
I took this class as a general ed requirement and as a continuation from 116. Mr. Boone is a graduate student who is trying to complete his masters by June. This was his first time teaching and he really didn\'t know what he was doing. He presented a lot of instruction and not enough examples of how to apply it to the problems. When you would ask him a question during the lecture, he would explain it but in a very complicated way. For the 3 tests, he provided study guides, however, he did not follow what was on them and placed problems on the test to purposely trick us. To make sure you understand the way he wants your answers, go to office hours before every test and go over the entire practice test with him. He is not a bad guy but he should not really be teaching this class.

GSA 837

General Ed
Nov 2016
What the guy/gal below said. Amen. I too took this class and have long since graduated from Poly, but I was cruising Poly Ratings for a kick and thought that I should pipe in and let you know how much of a joke this prof is.