Chen, Johnathan  

Mechanical Engineering


3 evaluations

ME 211

Required (Support)
Dec 2014
One of the best teachers I've had. Course material, homework, quizzes, are all presented very clearly w/o any surprises. Always strives to communicate better with his students.

ME 302

Required (Major)
Jun 2009
I had to add this professor here to let everyone know how awesome this guy is. He dropped 2 quizzes (out of 10), while each was easy if you did the hw. He is amazing in office hours as long as you show you've tried a lot beforehand. 5% is given for showing up on time, and with quizzes being 35% of the overall grade I knew I already passed the class before the final. Then he the final was ridiculously straight forward. Take him! Do it!

REC 463

5th Year Senior
Nov 2016
Business majors: A degree for the intellectually impaired, HA HA.