Cooke, Terry  

Civil and Environmental Engineering


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ME 211

Required (Major)
May 2009
Terry Cooke is a terrible teacher and should not be teaching any class, especially a necessary and fundamental class such as statics. His class difficulty far exceeds his teaching ability and he freely admits that most of his students do poorly. He doesn't believe this to be his own fault but it is. He gives tests that are a 30 minutes even though they take him over 20 minutes to complete himself. If terry cooke is the last teacher available wait a quarter to take that class.

Required (Support)
Apr 2010
dont be a pussy if you got an F in cookes class your a dumbass idiot and you shouldnt be an engineer. He gives you half credit on the tests just for free body diagrams so you can pass just by drawing good pictures. I had around a B going into the final with no curve and he prepared me so well that I got a great score on the final and ended up with an A overall. His class is hard but it pays off on the final (which was easier than his midterms). It depends if you wanna \"feel good\" about yourself all quarter and get raped on the final or actually understand the material and know where you are at overall. Take him he knows his shit.

ME 212

Required (Major)
Feb 2010
Terry Cooke is probably one of the better ME professors at this campus. Compared to all the other ME professors, he presents the material well and he teaches everything in vectors, which is critical for later courses. If you have the opportunity to take him, i suggest you do. If you hear stories that are negative about him, they might be true... but dam do u learn the material. I got a B+ in his class when I got a D- in statics.

CRP 435

5th Year Senior
Required (Major)
Nov 2016
Fuck this guy. Id like to stick my tounge up his ass.