Busby, Kim  

Natural Resources Management


3 evaluations

FNR 306

Required (Major)
May 2009
This was her first year teaching. She is fair and grades fairly. Not hard to get an A. Midterm is easy if you study. Final the same. She is nice to have in NR 306 after having to deal with Vilkitis (the lecture teacher). Take her for lab!

FNR 412

Required (Major)
Dec 2013
Very nice lady, very helpful with any questions you have. She is super understanding and if you don't have time to finish an assignment and let her know ahead of time, she accommodates you and works with you to figure out an alternative or lets you turn it in late. Highly recommend taking this class in place of doing a senior project on your own, unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing for a senior project.

CHEM 426

Required (Support)
Nov 2016
During this entire quarter all I could think about was how this professor reminded me of that small little dog that runs through the back of scene 23 in The Incredibles by Pixar. Seriously, if you look it up you will only be able to see it...