Burt, Charles  

Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering


3 evaluations

BRAE 414

Required (Major)
Dec 2009
Be prepared for long nights staring at an excel sheet wondering where your soul lies between merged cells and formatting. Dr. Burt knows his shit and you have to work hard to earn your grade. People bitch and moan about how hard his classes are and frankly, yes they are hard, but you will learn alot, hows that? I would rather take a course from a professor who drills the information into your brain than one who is forced to \"Punt\" at any opportunity.

PHYS 429

Required (Major)
Nov 2016
Trump 2016 -> Kanye 2020 -> Vermen Supreme 2024 -> ??? -> Profit

BRAE 438

5th Year Senior
Required (Major)
Mar 2009
Dr. Burt is tough. In the beginning I couldn't stand this guy. He has a quiz every week, you get a card of notes, but a lot of people still did very poorly. He really knows his shit, he wrote the book for the class and he'll remind you constantly. I have to say in the beginning, I couldn't stand this guy, but I came to realize, he's actually a great teacher, he knows his shit, and it was actually an interesting class when I finally stopped trying too hard and really listened. If you do well on the project, and labs, you'll be fine in the class. His final is a lot easier than you'll expect. But is a good guy, learn all you can, and make him laugh, it's fun.