Erisen, Elif  

Political Science


2 evaluations

POLS 360

Required (Major)
Mar 2009
Dr. Erisen was a great professor. I thought the class was well taught. Although the material is difficult to understand at times, she really tries to help you understand. The labs were really easy and I thought they were fun because you get to design your own survey based on what you are interested in and then interpret the results. The lectures contained a lot of information but most of it is from the book so whatever you don't understand in either the book or lecture you can get from the other source. I'm going to grad school for poli sci next year and one of the classes I have to take is exactly like this one and I feel prepared for it thanks to Dr. Erisen.

SCM 452

Nov 2016
This is the first C I have recieved in my entire life. I hope that says something to all of you out there watching their GPA. Do not take him--this class was a nightmare!