Garcia, Julie  

Social Sciences


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PSY 252

Mar 2009
They assign you a book in this class. Are you going to read it? Good because that's all you ever need to know. This teacher takes every single paragraph of whatever chapter you're reading and then makes slides of them on Powerpoint. That's all she does. Aside from some menially easy papers and a couple of little lab type things. That's it. Which is a darned shame because IF you can manage to ask a relevant question not in the book she obviously knows a great deal about the subject material, but that's not what you're going to get 99% of the time. Multiple choice tests, easy essays, boring lectures where you're better off just reading the book because that's what she puts on the slides for lecture. Of course when everybody stopped coming, she started taking attendance. So don't miss every lecture now.

CD 936

Graduate Student
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Nov 2016
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