Clucas, Scott Richard  

Construction Management


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EE 309

Graduate Student
Required (Major)
Nov 2016
During this entire quarter all I could think about was how this professor reminded me of that small little dog that runs through the back of scene 23 in The Incredibles by Pixar. Seriously, if you look it up you will only be able to see it...

CHEM 331

Required (Major)
Mar 2009
This guy might know what he's talking about but he fails miserably conveying it. He required no homework, and gave no quizzes which might have helped students identify which random information he tests on. He gave three midterms on which your grade depends. Ambiguosity reigns in studying for his tests in which his grading policy has been so measured and found...ohhhh...soooo... wanting!!! You may have noticed the exclamation points: these are the first ones I've written in any college writings thus far. My best to you if you find yourself at his mercy when you cannot move on unless you take his class.