Erisen, Erif  

Political Science


2 evaluations

POLS 360

Required (Major)
Feb 2009
she seems like a nice enough person, but she has no idea how to teach! lectures are disorganized and muddled, she is not capapble of clearly answering a question! She would be better off as a TA for a while, not a professor. She has a no absence policy, you have two excused absences, which have to be approved by her, and even if you get your absence approved, you can still not turn in anything that was due on the day you missed, so why even bother getting your ditch approved? I'm only taking this class because i have to, but she is a horrid teacher, i leave every class completely confused. She has an unrealistic idea of how much lecture/ group work that can be done in two hours, so most our time for group work gets cut, for a project that is worth the majority of our grade!!!! & she expects us to pick up the slack in non class hours, like our lives are completely free outside of her class.....i would never recommend this professor to anyone.....she needs to be fired!

SS 780

General Ed
Nov 2016
I learned that if I were to take up hunting, I should shoot deer, not bears, because a bear will hunt me back if I successfully wound it. Fascinating! I didnt know that the key to production and operations management was so brutally simple!