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ENGL 134

General Ed
Dec 2008
first of all he is a hard grader and he tells you that. The way it works is large papers (4 of them first is 1-2pg, the rest are 4-6pg) are worth 80%, the small assignments are 15% (only a few, some are 1 page papers, others are like a advertisement of something, all easy), then 5% participation. there is minimal extra credit. (the last day before thanksgiving they watched a movie, then if you did a small assignment youd get a little bit of xc.) he doesnt teach you much about writing, and he doesn't tell you to forget what u learned in high school. at the biggining he gives you about15-30min of reading each night. (2 classes a week, hes a grad student 2008-09) then you talk about it in class, you can get away with not reading it most of the time. there wasnt much great or bad about this teacher. i got a C+ the average was a B+. he uses blackboard and email A LOT. one problem is he might be a little biased. i wrote one paper about limiting government,and well, he's gay and deffently a democrat, he says he not into politics much, but he considered doing several things involving prop 8. but all he ever did was show two videos to represent ethos (creditability). the way it works with the 4 main papers (called sequences) are you write a draft, take it into class, peer review, then turn in, not much pressure at all. then you get them back, and you have til the end of the quarter to turn in endless revisions, whcih he expects you to do. i usualy brought my grade up a letter grade and a half. this class isnt too much work compared to architecture and for me it was not a nuesence most of the time. there is no final, you just turn in yout last paper during the time ud be taking a final. i really didnt learn much in this class. not much more then what ethos pathos and logos are. and im serious that is not an exaggeration, i learned very little. all we did was write paper and have class discussions.

ITAL 782

5th Year Senior
Nov 2016
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