dekhtyar, alexander  

Computer Engineering


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CPE 101

Required (Major)
Dec 2008
Do whatever you can to not take this teacher he is the worsttt. He assigns loads of programming assignments without hardly explaining how to do them, not to mention giving 2 midterms that he doesnt teach at all towards, you get the first one and are like where did this come from we havent done any of this stuff. Also on the final he doesnt teach a lot of stuff the other professors do so you dont have a clue on what to do. To show how bad everyone does in his class i think his curve was like between an 80 and 85 and up for an a and like a 65 or 70 and up for a b but dont let that fool you into thinking itll be easy to get those scores cuz its not believe me. Just dont take him he cant even talk his english is still so filled with a russian accent he stutters all the time in the middle of sentences so you cant understand what hes saying. flat out horrible

Required (Major)
Mar 2012
Although Dekhtyar is understanding of some situations, he does not convey the material very well. Make sure you start off 101 on a good foot, and do not fall behind (this goes for every 101 class) but I would recommend taking a different professor, as if you don't have prior programming experience, Dekhtyar won't be the teacher for you. He kind of assumes that all his students "have prior knowledge" though he says at the beginning he knows that not all students do. Also, he assumes that each student understands the material and is kind of crabby when you go to him for help. In addition, he's very hard to understand as he does have a very noticeable stutter. Other than that, if you have had prior programming experience, he is an ok professor and other people in the class with prior programming experience are doing perfectly fine.

BOT 152

5th Year Senior
Required (Major)
Nov 2016
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