Gish, Robert  

Ethnic Studies


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ENGL 145

5th Year Senior
Apr 2002
Dr. Gish is the real deal. If you like to sleepwalk thorugh school, having a professor read overheads and then test you on the overheads, THEN DO NOT TAKE GISH. If you find most professors at Cal Poly to be glorified high school teachers and complain about getting a second rate education in your GE courses, then take Gish. His class is formatted in a unique way. He leads the class on various discussions. There is no plan set in stone or a strict outline, it is an actual college course which emphasizes personal responsibility are learning. Do the reading and be prepared to talk about it. If you take yourself as a serious student looking to learn and challenge things I can't recomend him enough. If you only care about punching the clock and following a recipe book on how to cook up an A in the class, then avoid him because you will be exposed as someone who does no belong in a college setting.

ENGR 145

General Ed
Aug 2002
Prof. Gish requires an enormous amount of reading. There are 5 required textbooks for this course. He wgives you one night to read aan 145 pg text. The class original had 28 students and a waiting list and ended with only 18 students. I would not recommend taking a course from this instuctor.

ES 321

General Ed
Mar 2000
While I had originally looked forward to taking this course, I soon realized that it is not what I thought. Es 321, Native American Cultural Images, as taught by Proffessor Robert Gish turned out to be one of the worst classes I have ever taken. Class time was not spent covering pertenant material. Half the time it was impossible to follow the instructors train of thought since he is not clear as to what he wants or as to what he is thinking. Although the syllabus did outline the work that was expected of the course, it never stated the breakdown of points or percentages and grade standing was never available for the students. Over 80 percent of the course grade is not graded until the final week of class. Finally, the cost of books is outrageous - almost $200 and since the teacher changes books every time he teaches, they are worthless afterward. About 10 books were required this quarter, three of which we hardly read anything out of and another 2 which we didnt read at all.

ENGL 346

General Ed
Dec 2002
I would never recommend taking a class from the Gishmeister. This guy doesn't even know what he's saying half the time, and he'll admit it. He's so stuck on himself and how many books he wrote, he doesn't even have time to talk about anything to do with the class. On top of that, if you don't answer his questions the way he wants, he'll make you look and feel like a total jack ass. The reading material which included Go Down Moses and Blood Meridian among like 8 other books, were completely irrelevant to what the class should be about. Everything in the books supposedly had some sort of twisted "other meaning" or should I say "archetype". Do not take a class from him if you can help it. If you do take a class from him, you'd better pray the Judge is drinking wine and burbon when he grades your essays and there is a cow's teeth mark in your paper when you get it back.(only anyone who's taken a class from him can understand what I just said)

IT 768

Nov 2016
During this entire quarter all I could think about was how this professor reminded me of that small little dog that runs through the back of scene 23 in The Incredibles by Pixar. Seriously, if you look it up you will only be able to see it...