Clucas, Scott  

Construction Management


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CM 331

Required (Major)
Nov 2008
He is the worst teacher i have EVER had at Poly. Nothing he lectures on even matters for the test. He doesn't even know what he is talking about, he is not an accountant nor anything close to one. The tests are based right out of the reading in the book, format is short answer and multiple choice. Overall, the class does pretty poorly on the exams, he is too particular with his responses. He wanted word for word what's in the book, and his presented lecture material that was in EVERYONE's notes didn't count as an acceptable answer. 2 Exams 1 Final, no homework, so if you do bad on the test... there is no way to bring up your grade. He curves the scores, but still doesn't improve everyone's grade. He did give the class the option for a quarter long "project" to take the place of an exam. He randomly makes it up as the quarter went along, and randomly passed out the assignments (the only reason to even go to the class is to get these handouts that are most often inaccurate and in need of clarification). No feedback on how you are doing on the project, because he never bothers to grade them = LAZY.This is his first quarter teaching, so MAYBE... he'll get better after he gets bad reviews from all his students. Good Luck but i would just try to avoid him... TAKE HAL if you can!!

ENGL 672

Required (Major)
Nov 2016
Fuck this guy. Id like to stick my tounge up his ass.