Fang, Kevin  

City and Regional Planning


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CRP 216

Required (Major)
Jun 2008
This whole class was a "blah". Nothing about it was interesting. Kevin Fang was not an interesting professor at all. All we did was work on computer programs like Excel and Power Point. Real fun. Because of this class, I'm working to change my major OUT of City and Regional Planning. This class is so bad, it needs to be cancelled or merged with a more interesting lecture. Not everyone in CRP wants to sit on a computer all day and make Power Point Presentations or to add numbers in Excel. This class does require a lot of work, I mean we have 3 projects that takes time. Lecture and "Lab" are merged into one 4 hour meeting every week which is HORRIBLE, but it should definitely be worth more than 2 lousy units. Maybe if we had a more interesting professor, this class would be a liiiittle better. But alas, we did not. Mr. Fang is just as dry as the class.

PSC 610

Required (Support)
Nov 2016
he sure does like his women, wet!!