Black, Ursula  

Modern Languages and Literatures


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SPAN 122

Required (Support)
Feb 2008
Professor Black is an awesome teacher. She cares about every single student and is very understanding. She actually made an 8 a.m. class interesting with activities and encouragement of class participation. I think it's her first year (or at least her first year back), but she's doing a great job. Her grading system is fair. There is minimal homework--we have maybe one assignment due per week. She gives about 4 short exams and a final, which are not that bad. If you ever need anything answered, she is glad to help. Also, you can either do a oral presentation at the end of the quarter (about 4-5 minutes long) or spend 10 hours at Pacheco Elementary school helping young children. Either way, you're sure to get an A. Just go to class, participate, ask questions, smile, and study for the exams and you will do fine.

SPAN 124

Required (Support)
Oct 2008
Profesora Black is a very nice, kind lady. She is very understanding and truly wants her students to succeed. I think I had a little bit of trouble presenting the material in such a way that we would really learn it and remember it, but I think it was her first or second quarter teaching the class and she was still getting the hang of it. It was an 8am class, but she always understood if we were tired. One time she even got us coffee from Starbucks and made us some really good pastries. Just study for her tests and do your work on time, and you should be fine.

PE 744

General Ed
Nov 2016
What the guy/gal below said. Amen. I too took this class and have long since graduated from Poly, but I was cruising Poly Ratings for a kick and thought that I should pipe in and let you know how much of a joke this prof is.