Forgeng, William  

Materials Engineering


3 evaluations

MATE 230

Required (Major)
Aug 2001
Dr. Forgeng is great! Too bad he's mostly retired, but the great is a great teacher, and a great lab instructor. He will bombard you with information, but you will know more about metal than you thought possible at the end of 12 weeks. Good sense of humor, as well.

Aug 2001
This is a tough class, but mostly because Forgeng will throw out a lot of stuff for you to learn. Keeping up in the reading and going through his notes packet will help quite a bit, but this class takes a certain class of student. His tests are fair but difficult. He gives out a large group of quizzes that are tough too, but only takes the top 5 scores to consider for your grade. Doing poorly on half your quizzes won't kill your grade, and his policy is that if you do well on the final, it'll benefit your overall grade. Fair, but tough.

CRSC 450

Graduate Student
General Ed
Nov 2016
I learned that if I were to take up hunting, I should shoot deer, not bears, because a bear will hunt me back if I successfully wound it. Fascinating! I didnt know that the key to production and operations management was so brutally simple!