Bing, Douglas  

Psychology and Human Development


5 evaluations

PSY 351

Required (Major)
Jan 2008
Professor Bing is a fair professor. He has one midterm during the year and the final. There are a lot of in class worksheet which he grades very seriously so make you fill them out completly. About every other week there is an in class quiz that are based off of the lecture. He offers point for attendence and for participation. I would recommend taking him.

Required (Support)
Apr 2008
One of my favorite professors at Cal Poly. He presents the material very well and class was very interesting. There was more group work than I'm used to, but it really helped me to get to know the people in my class and feel comfortable.

Graduate Student
Required (Major)
Nov 2008
He really did not teach or plan lectures, we watched videos he did not hold good discussions, we presented lots of group work that was really boring he was very nondirective. His tests were not explained well and I always felt unprepared. He did not explain the end of the term paper. He graded unfairly. He was my worst C.P. professor. I almost did not get in to grad school because of him.

PSY 560

Graduate Student
Required (Support)
Dec 2015
Professor Bing is an excellent lecturer for the graduate program. He is very approachable and easy-going who is very empathic, caring and genuine. His exams are very reasonable and comprehensive and his final paper was graded very fairly. He creates a very safe environment in the classroom that allows for honest, thoughtful discussions. Every week he provided the cohort with a live demo with a local psychologist/LMFT that practiced whatever therapeutic orientation/approach we were learning that week. The course material was very relevant and now at the end of the quarter, I feel as though I have grown as an individual through this course. Professor Bing is an incredible resource to this university and to the department.

HUM 822

General Ed
Nov 2016
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