DiGangi, Donna  

Civil and Environmental Engineering


2 evaluations

FNR 418

5th Year Senior
Nov 2016
Missed the first day, went to the second day. Went to the midterm. Went to the Final. Three days of class total. I got a B, easy. This kind of shit gives our school a bad name.

ENVE 455

Required (Major)
Dec 2007
fuck it, i know it was her first quarter teaching this class but give me a break, you dont need to fuckin bend over and take it from the Dean for Gods sake TAKE YOUR OWN INITIATIVE, the grade i got was waaaaaaaaaaay less than the average of all my tests/homeworks not to mention that im beyond positive i did well on that fucking final. so whatever, overall avoid unless she teaches a class in her own expertise and doesnt read verbatim off the ppoint presentations and actually isnt afraid to give students a grade that 'may look too good' for the Deans judgement. fuck that how hard am i supposed to work in this class, i should have taken it with Pal. i feel horrible for anyone that got less than me.