Coffman, Caryn  

Food Science and Nutrition


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FSN 210

Required (Support)
Mar 2007
This class was so boring, i pretty much dreded it, but went because I didn't want to read the book. There are pointless busy-work like homework assignments and class work. I felt like I was in 3rd grade again at times in this class (and not the fun part of 3rd grade). Don't take her. I also began counting the number of 'ums' during her lectures and would usually give up counting after 50. Save yourself, and your love for the class. I hope she doesn't teach here again (she usually teaches at Cuesta).

BIO 312

Required (Support)
Nov 2016
Missed the first day, went to the second day. Went to the midterm. Went to the Final. Three days of class total. I got a B, easy. This kind of shit gives our school a bad name.