Flores, Diane  



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JOUR 203

Required (Major)
Feb 2007
203 was the first Journalism class I took at Poly, and I was really diappointed. It was supposed to be a lecture/lab combination but most of the time she would ramble on for the entire three hour class period. She was really redundant and would repeat the same information over and over again. We would go over the fake busywork stories from the lab (when we had one) 2 or 3 more times after turning them in, but the field assignments, which are really supposed to teach us about the basics of newswriting, were tossed around and given general, vague comments. I'm in 407 with an awesome teacher, but have had to basically re-learn everything because 203 did nothing to prepare me for it, besides giving me the general knowledge of the location of the graphic arts building. The content of the class had the potential to be really interesting and informative, but her delivery of it was a real let down. She is teaching copy editing next quarter and even though I need it, I'm avioding it like the plague.

JOUR 233

Required (Major)
Jun 2008
this class is boring to begin with so a lot of issues lie within the subject matter. there is only so much time you can devote to punctuation in an editing class before the class loses interest. she gives weekly quizzes that cover current events as well at the chapters from the book. there is an "online" project due during the last week that she gives almost no instructions on. to be honest, i spent the majority of every 3 hour class period reading the Tribune and Mustang Daily because otherwise i would have fell asleep.

CRP 613

5th Year Senior
Required (Major)
Nov 2016