Clegg, Frederick  

Computer Science


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CPE 101

Required (Major)
Jun 2008
umm...lets see, how should i start this..never take him for any class...clegg, he said he graduated with PHD on EE from "Standfork" or something like that..every class, he will use example programs straight from the book on powerpoint..with his monotone and dark classroom...almost everyone went to sleep. even if u r awake, u cant possibly know what he is talking the time u found the laser pointer on the screen, he has already switched to the next page of the powerpoint. He will give surprise "quizzes", which are like midterms. During the lecture midterm, he even put on materials that he hasnt talk about, and his excuse was, i assignment those on the reading, the material was cover like more than a week after the i just retook that class agian with hugh smith, he is excellent!!

CSC 225

Required (Major)
Mar 2008
He has no clue what he is talking about, not to mention he screwed up the whole classes grades. 15 people in the class and he screwed up everyones grades. Any work you get back, just go get it regraded because I guarantee that he made a mistake. He is by far the worst CSC professor, next to Staley.

CSC 302

General Ed
Jan 2007
I missed, literally, 2 points this quarter and somehow he gave me a C. Will definitely be protesting this. As far as the actual class goes, computers and society is as easy as it sounds except with clegg the material you cover will have very little to do with computers and you have to do current events, yes exactly like you did in 7th grade. With all due respect to Prof. Clegg, he did not seem fit to lead a class. Every single classroom discussion started with him asking this, "How many of you have heard of (whatever)?" A few people raise their hands and he picks one to explain what it is. "I don't know about it, I've just heard about it." Then an awkward silence follows but is soon joined by a class wide snicker because this is how it happened all quarter.

FRSC 890

Required (Support)
Nov 2016
I learned that if I were to take up hunting, I should shoot deer, not bears, because a bear will hunt me back if I successfully wound it. Fascinating! I didnt know that the key to production and operations management was so brutally simple!