Dugan, Tim  

Theater and Dance


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TH 330

Required (Support)
Feb 2001
Tim is great, I hear everyone else likes him too. This class is way time consuming so do not take it with a full load!

Required (Major)
Dec 2002
One word only: Brushstrokes, focus on the brushstrokes! (no, this is not an art class)

TH 430

Required (Major)
Aug 2003
Tim is a nice guy and really tries to get the students to learn and be as interested in the realms of theatre that he is. He does know a lot and that is obvious. But unforunatly he does not know how to lecutre and it is often boring in his class. He in't very throrough and clear always and he likes to talk about his past accomplishments (though nowhere near as badly as Doc). My other frustrations on the class were that he marked me down in points for missing an aspect on my painting that he never told us needed to be there (the entire class was missing it). Also, he doesn't grade based on the final project necessarily but seemingly more on what he expects out of you. I got a worse grade on my final project then another girls who totally SUCKED (and that's not just my opinion) and it's really because although hers sucked - that's what he thought her potential was and though mine was one of the better ones - he knew I could do better or thought I could do better and that's why he marked it down a bit. So I guess it's a compliment - but I paid for not doing as good as he expected? That stinks. And yes as someone else pointed out and as rude as it is he does tend to stink. So don't sign up for this class looking for a brain stimulator. But if you're at all into crafty or artistic stuff you will enjoy the projects. And if you're patient and nice to him you will learn he's a nice guy. Oh, and one more warning be prepared to spend a lot of extra hours in there if you want a good grade. The final project will definitely take some extra time. But it feels good in the end if you end up with something nice. (and he likes hearing you've been putting in extra time - it will earn you lots of brownie points if you seem like you're overly interested and trying hard whether you are or not) If you put in the effort you will get a good grade. I didn't do that well on the tests (because I didn't read the chapters very thoroughly) and I still got an A- in the class.

TH 432

Aug 2001
This class was supposed to be "Costume Design," but Tim had no idea what he was talking about except when he read off the notes that his wife, the costume designer, dictated to him each night before class. It was embarrassingly easy but all we did was draw and paint, no actual costume making, or learning for that matter. I suppose he is a good set designer (both "Romeo & Juliet" and "Marvin's Room" were quite creative), but if he does know anything at all, he has no idea how to get the information across to his students. I would not recommend this teacher to anyone, but alas, he is the only design teacher in the theater department. Above all, don't stand too close to him because he has never heard of that thing called personal hygiene.

BRAE 893

Required (Support)
Nov 2016