Atre, Sharad  



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ARCH 253

Required (Support)
Jun 2001
This class was horrible. Sharad speaks witha thick accent, and talks about theory more than practice. We had one design project all quarter, and we were only required to submit the drawings to go with it. We spent most of the quarter analyzing Richard Meyer's work. While this was interesting and informative, I question spending 6 weeks on it. We also had to do a book report on an architecture theory book at the beginning of the quarter. He held group meetings for 2 or 3 hours each class. During these meetings he would go over general information, but rarely discussed what we were doing for the class, and often contradicted himself. When we did turn something in, we would spend 2 class meetings in reviews. I would recommend avoiding this class at all costs.

EE 646

Nov 2016
Missed the first day, went to the second day. Went to the midterm. Went to the Final. Three days of class total. I got a B, easy. This kind of shit gives our school a bad name.

ARCH 666

5th Year Senior
Required (Major)
Dec 2006
Sharad rocks,....he married the Coors chick!