Blanck, Eugene  



2 evaluations

GEOL 205

General Ed
Dec 2006
Do not take Geology 205 - Earthquakes from this teacher. He never uses his own slideshows and makes the most bullshit tests. The average on the tests he gave was an F. He expects you to know the most random, specific details about information that nobody cares about. Even the geology majors think this class is bullshit. He doesn't realize that this is a GE course for most people. I'm getting good grades in all of my other classes. He has no idea how to teach material. His career for the past 20 years has been in geology so he overestimates how much we know about the subject and forgets that the stuff he tests us on isn't the stuff he taught us. He holds us responsible for information we never received in the first place, through his "teachings", powerpoints, videos, and the book. He's the epitome of a lazy teacher who enjoys tricking his students on tests. The only thing making him an even slightly decent person is the fact that he curves his class. But no teacher shoul have to curve as much as he does. The average should not be below a 50%. Clearly we aren't learning the information. Basically, don't put yourself through this. WORST TEACHER/CLASS EVER!

RELS 754

Required (Major)
Nov 2016
Fine teacher, but a little dry in the presentation. I wouldnt suggest having her at 8:00 in the morning, might be difficult staying awake.