Bressler, Stephanie  

Political Science


3 evaluations

POLS 112

General Ed
Jun 2006
Bressler is very very very boring. She stands at the front of the room for the ENTIRE two hours reading from a black 3-ring binder. She plays this mind game with you and attendance. If you show up to every class, but two you might get bumped up a letter. Her grading is not consistent. There is very little work required however. If you want to get by without going to class, it is possible, but I don't suggest it.

POLS 338

Required (Support)
Jun 2006
Avoid her! Dr. Bressler could care less about student's comments, although she will ask for them incessently. While students are responding she will cut them off snickering and giving the rest of the class a look like, "this student is a moron." She then goes on to tell them how they are wrong in a condescending way. Luckily we all saw right through it and several students called her out asking for the respect of letting them finish their sentences. These students often appeared more knowledgeable than the her, and I am sure that their grade suffered for it. Avoid her! All of her grades are arbitrary and assigned without explanation. She was even absent the last day of class and made us make it up during finals, only to grade people down for unexcused absences. Condescending and hypocritical? Welcome to Stephanie Bressler's classroom.

GEOL 571

Nov 2016
This is the first C I have recieved in my entire life. I hope that says something to all of you out there watching their GPA. Do not take him--this class was a nightmare!