Andre, Jim  



3 evaluations

BUS 342

Required (Major)
Feb 2006
To give you an idea how how much I liked this guy, I audited his class. I stayed the whole quarter even though I wasn't enrolled in the class. Andre is the best TEACHER I have had yet at poly. The man is truley a player. He talks the talk and walks the walk. Blinging his rolex in class, he teaches not only about the numbers but about the "Finance Mentality" with much enthusiasm. The work is not easy, but since when has 342 ever been easy. If/when he comes back... you need to take his class

EHS 345

Graduate Student
Nov 2016

BUS 431

Required (Major)
Dec 2007
I took Andre for Securities Analysis after getting out of Gorman's 342 class. The glass was weighted 75% 3 tests (including final) and 25% projects. The problem is he doesn't teach you anything about what is on the tests and you spend all of class time working on your three projects. If you asked him a question about something from the text regarding the tests he would shrug and say "I don't have to know that, you do." Albeit the guy is extremely wealthy and has no problem telling you that along with stories of celebrities living in his Beverly Hills neighborhood. Ya the guy is rich and you would think he would be the perfect Finance teacher but he in no way understands how to pass his knowledge on to any of his students. Basically if you want to learn nothing and get an easy "A" take this guy. Considering this is a concentration course it is a complete waste. Take GORMAN!!!