Coleman, John  



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STAT 251

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Feb 2006
Coleman was the best, one of the best math teacher's ive ever had. Do anything to take Stats with him, its his 1st year teaching at Cal Poly and he's doing great. 3 Midterms and a Final, group assignemnts and quizzes, all easy, only teaches you what you need to know. Easy midterms and final. Easy A

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Mar 2006
Coleman is awesome! He knows stats are hard and he'll help anyone at anytime. Your grade is made of two midterms, four quizes, one of which he drops, and a few group assignments, which are easy and help your grade. None of the tests are too hard, and the quizes are really easy. The final is also a big part of your grade, but it's an average final. Nothing really easy, but not really hard. In conclusion, I highly recommend Coleman! He's great!

MSC 311

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Nov 2016
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